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Garten of Banban 4: Where to Find All Tickets for Yellow Sector



Garten of Banban 4: Find Tickets for Yellow Sector

Once players have completed the Interrogation at the start of the game, they will have to follow Sheriff Toadster to reach the horizontal elevators. The horizontal elevators will take players to the Yellow Sectors where they will have to find the objects to go to the Upper Floors.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all tickets for the yellow sector in Garten of Banban 4.

Where to Find All Tickets for Yellow Sector

Upon reaching the Horizontal Elevators, Sheriff Toadster will tell the players to find 6 Tickets in total. 2 for the players, 2 for the Sheriff, and 2 for the little Chick Monster. Below you will find the location of each Ticket.

  • 1st Ticket: On the Counter beside the 4th Floor Keycard.
  • 2nd Ticket: On the first couch on the right side.
  • 3rd Ticket: On top of the Vending Machine.
  • 4th Ticket: In the right corridor.
  • 5th Ticket: In the left corridor, in front of the closed door.
  • 6th Ticket: On the back of the 1st Horizontal Elevator.

After finding all 6 Tickets, players need to insert all of the tickets in the pipe beside the counter. Once players have inserted all of the tickets, a robot will come out of the closed door. Stand on the middle elevator and look up to press the Yellow Button to go to the Yellow Sector.

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