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Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get Salt For Cooking



Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get Salt For Cooking

In Genshin Impact we can find a great list of recipes to prepare and that provide us with very useful benefits for combat. However, what would those dishes be without the salt? Therefore, in the following guide, we will tell you how to obtain it so that your creations are perfect.

How to get cooking salt in Genshin Impact

As you can guess, salt cannot be collected in nature like other ingredients, but we will have to buy it. To do this, we have to go to Mondstadt and talk to Blanche, who will sell it to us for 60 Blackberries a unit and sell a maximum of 100 a day.

In Inazuma, we can also get this ingredient if we talk to Aoi, who will sell us the same amount and at the same price. Among the recipes in which we need it, we find Rice with eel bathed in tea, Golden Crab or Silvan Dream.

How to cook in Genshin Impact

To cook recipes, we just have to go to the bonfires with cauldrons that we find all over Teyvat. Then, we will have to select the recipe in question and press the button when the indicator is in yellow. Very easy and simple. In order to access more dishes, it is important to collect the ingredients that we find by nature and in each region.

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