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How to complete the “Fleeting Iridescence” event in Genshin Impact and get a new costume for Ninguang



How to complete the "Fleeting Iridescence" event in Genshin Impact and get a new costume for Ninguang

With the end of the year, miHoYo has decided to activate various events, such as the commemorative lottery, the Xiao artwork event, and much more. Now, it is Ninguang’s turn with the event ” Fleeting Iridescence” in which we can get a new wardrobe for the warrior, as well as the 4-star character we want from Liyue.

An event as such cannot be overlooked, so in the following guide, we will tell you all the details about it, as well as how to complete it and the requirements. Do not miss it!

How to complete the “Fleeting Iridescence” event in Genshin Impact

The event will be available from January 25 to February 12, 2022. During this event, we will have to complete the “Brushstrokes of the Moon” requirements if we want to get the new dress for Ninguang.

If we complete all four challenges, we will get talismans of fortune, unsullied talismans, and talismans of conquest. In “Splendorous Shine” you can invite any 4-star Liyue character of your choice, thus joining the team.

To participate you must have reached at least Adventure Rank 28 and have completed the Archon missions “Chapter I, Act III: A new rising star” and the mission “Intermission, Act I: The crane returns with the wind.”

The four challenges of the event

  • First challenge: during the event, place the contraption “Pyrotechnic Tube” in the world and hit “Make Fireworks” to activate the game mode “Sky Sparks”. We will also have to make fireworks and thus obtain talismans of fortune, Protogems, and more prizes. These talismans can be redeemed in the event store and exchanged for rewards.
  • Second challenge: we will have to go to the Guyun Stone Forest and defeat the enemies on the high seas and in the camp. As we collect the items scattered around the area, we will unlock the “Halfway”, “To Safe Harbor” and “Key Capture” challenges. Third challenge: we will have to participate in the challenge “Luminous shadows” talking with Yuan Rong in Liyue.
  • Fourth challenge: we will have to enter the lair of a mysterious monster, defeat it by doing the “Defense of the ocean” challenge missions to obtain rewards.

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