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Genshin Impact: How to Get Free Protogemas and Other Prizes with the Power Amplifier Results Event



Genshin Impact: How to Get Free Protogemas and Other Prizes with the Power Amplifier Results Event

One of the ways in which Genshin Impact will celebrate the arrival of 2022 is with patch 2.4, which will be packed with new features. Until then you have the opportunity to participate in their new event, called Results of the energy amplifier, to obtain free Protogems and other objects, as we will indicate in the following guide.

Event date and times Power amplifier results

On this occasion, the Energy Amplifier Results event will remain active until January 3, 2022, at 3:59 a.m. (server time), so take advantage of these days to play as much as you can if you want to take back all the rewards it offers.

For this, it is mandatory that you have reached Adventure Rank 20 or higher with your character. It is not necessary to meet any other requirement, so we invite you to continue reading the guide if you have completed this step.

How to get free Protogems with the Power Amplifier Results event

Players will meet Hosseini, the itinerant Sumeru scholar in Liyue, who needs your help to carry out his research on the Power Amplifier. This will leave you with a series of missions to complete with which you will obtain the amplifier in question.

From that moment on, you must explore all the research sites in each phase to receive fragments of ley fruit that will be equipped with this device. At a certain point, you will have to complete the challenges in these areas to unlock the “Strange Domain”.

Once you carry it out, it will be then that you will receive a series of rewards the first time you do it successfully and another series of gifts for the accumulated score.

To go into more details, the event itself will be the one that will provide you with indications about the places to which you should go during the investigation. When you arrive you will also see some special Mutation Stones that will grant bonuses to enemies, increasing their statistics.

Destroying them will reverse this powerful effect, helping to make it easier to kill all the enemies that inhabit the research site. At that moment you will receive a chest that you can open and thus take possession of all the rewards that it includes inside, among which there will be Protogems, Hero’s Ingenuity, Mineral of mystical refinement or weapon ascension, and Mora.

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