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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – Chapter 1 – Walkthrough



GT: PD - Chapter 1 Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the first chapter of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Chapter 1 – Walkthrough

We will be highlighting all the major objects that players need to move to in order to use the trick or magic ability of Sissel (the main character). The first chapter takes place in the Junkyard area and players would have to follow the following steps to complete the chapter.

  1. Move from Sissel’s current location towards the crossing gate and raise it.
  2. Proceed to the guitar and strum it to create a distraction.
  3. Return to Sissel and press the Trick button to utilize Sissel’s unique ability.
  4. Look to the right side of the area to locate the woman.
  5. Head towards the Door then Traffic Sign and then the Folding Cot item.
  6. Unfold the Folding Cot to reveal its full form, and then move towards the Lamp.
  7. Approach Lynne to interact with her.
  8. Proceed towards the Lamp for further exploration.
  9. Navigate towards the Mannequin and then Tire and then roll the tire.
  10. Move towards the Mannequin and then the Refrigerator and open it to reveal its contents.
  11. After closing the Refrigerator, proceed toward the Mannequin and then the Blender.
  12. Turn on the Blender to activate it. Subsequently, move toward the Flag and then the Fan.
  13. Turn on the Fan and quickly return to the Flag.
  14. Move towards the Bicycle.
  15. Move towards the handlebars and ring the bell to produce a distinct sound.
  16. Proceed towards the Pedal and engage in pedaling the Bicycle.
  17. Move towards the Lever and lower it to activate a mechanism.
  18. Head towards the Ladder and extend it fully.
  19. After that, move towards the Streetlight then Wrecking Ball, and then Claw, and open the claw.
  20. Move towards the Bicycle and perform a shimmying action.
  21. Move towards the Pedal and then Umbrella and open it.
  22. Read the thought bubble twice.
  23. Move towards the Note and examine its contents closely.
  24. Finally, navigate towards the Telephone.

It will conclude the first chapter of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

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