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Dave the Diver – How to Catch Fish



Dave the Diver: How to Catch Fish

Dave the Diver is a Role-Playing Indie game that allows players to become a professional Diver named Dave. Players will not only have access to the sea where they can dive but also a Sushi Restaurant where players can work to make money. However, Bancho, the restaurant owner will not be able to make sushi unless players bring fish to the restaurant. So, catching fish is the main aspect of the game that players would have to do throughout the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch fish in Dave the Diver.

How to Catch Fish in Dave the Diver

Players will be diving into the Blue Hole, an area filled with various fish of different sizes. The smaller fish are easy to catch whereas the bigger fish will take more time and struggle to catch. When players dive into the Blue Hole, they will be able to find regular and common fish in a smaller depth. If players go deeper, depending on the gear suit and oxygen tank, rare and bigger fish could be seen. Now before get into the bigger fish, let’s talk about how players can catch the normal fish because the method of catching the fish stays the same. In order to catch fish, players can follow the following steps.

  • Swim into the vicinity of fish using Left Stick (Controller) or WASD Keys (Keyboard).
  • Players can use the Dive Knife to attack the fish to catch them. Press the Circle Button/B Button (Controller) or Left-Click (Mouse) to use the Dive Knife. Damaging the fish will allow Dave to catch the fish.
  • To catch the fish from a distance because not all fish would stay close to Dave or be friendly, it is important to catch them from a distance. Use the Harpoon Gun by aiming and then firing at the fish’s position. Players can use the Harpoon Gun by holding the X/A and then pressing the R2/RT Button (Controller) or holding the SPACE Key and then pressing the Right Click (Keyboard & Mouse).
Catching Fish in Dave the Diver

How to Catch Bigger Fish in Dave the Diver

The smaller fish would be caught easily on impact with the Harpoon Gun but if a fish is bigger in size or has more resistance, players would have to mash the Harpoon Gun Button repeatedly to catch the fish. Now, the bigger fish are not easy to catch as they require more advanced gear. Some of the fish would require certain gadgets and some of the fish would require multiple shots before players catch them. Players can also choose to attack the bigger fish with Dive Knife but it would also require movement to not get damaged by the fish as it will drain the Oxygen Tank.

Players would have to catch smaller fish in the beginning and as they progress in the game and unlock Cobra’s Shop, they would be able to buy new gear that will help them catch bigger fish more easily.

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