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Dave the Diver Money Guide – Top 7 Ways To Make Money



Dave the Diver: Make Money Faster

In the immersive world of role-playing games, the narrative often unfolds around the main character, and success is typically tied to the accumulation of in-game currency. “Dave the Diver” is no exception. To thrive in both the diving adventures and the management of the Sushi Restaurant, players need to amass wealth. This currency is not only essential for purchasing new gear, weapons, and oxygen tanks but also for upgrading and decorating the restaurant, which in turn attracts more customers.

This guide will provide you Top 7 ways to make money fast in Dave the Diver.

Top 7 Ways To Make Money Fast in Dave the Diver

Success in Dave the Diver hinges on your ability to prosper in both the restaurant and diving aspects of the game. At some point, you’ll need to ramp up your earnings to acquire essential gear for your next main quest. Here are several strategies you can employ to boost your income in Dave the Diver.

1. Serving Customers at the Restaurant

The most straightforward way to earn money is by serving customers at your restaurant. This is the first method you’ll learn during the game’s prologue. Despite its simplicity, it remains one of the most effective strategies, as you can earn hundreds of dollars by serving happy customers. As you progress in the game and introduce new types of fish to your restaurant, your menu will expand, attracting more customers and increasing your earnings.

2. Selling Fish at the Restaurant

In addition to serving customers, you can also sell raw fish at your restaurant. While this can be done from day one, it typically yields less money than serving customers.

3. Enhancing Recipes at the Restaurant

As you supply fish to your restaurant, consider enhancing your sushi recipes with various ingredients. These ingredients can be found in the Blue Hole area, so you’ll need to spend more time diving to collect them. Enhancing your recipes increases the price of your sushi and attracts more customers. However, multiple enhancements will require rarer ingredients, but the price increase will reflect this.

4. Selling Items to Cobra’s Premium Shop

Another strategy involves selling items and fish to Cobra’s Premium Shop. This shop doesn’t unlock at the start of the game, but as you complete the prologue and progress through the first chapter, you’ll gain access. Once unlocked, you can sell your Blue Hole findings. However, only sell items that aren’t useful for your character or restaurant, as most materials are needed for upgrades, and ingredients are needed at the restaurant.

5. Hiring Staff at the Restaurant

Hiring staff can boost your earnings as they serve customers more quickly, leading to positive feedback and more customers. Hiring additional chefs is also crucial to prepare orders more quickly.

6. Completing Side Quests

Side quests are as important as main quests because they reward players with essential materials and money needed for advanced gear. Before completing each chapter’s main quests, try to complete as many side quests as possible to earn extra money.

7. Upgrading and Decorating the Restaurant

Lastly, upgrading and decorating your restaurant can create more space and ambiance for your customers. While this requires a significant investment, it’s a one-time expense. Afterward, you can recoup your investment and make a substantial profit by running your restaurant more frequently.

By employing these strategies, you can maximize your earnings and progress more quickly in Dave the Diver. Happy diving and cooking!

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