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Gotham Knights could include Poison Ivy as a featured villain



Gotham Knights could include Poison Ivy as a featured villain

The Gotham Knights holiday greeting reveals two dates that could hint at the game’s launch in 2021.

The Batman license will return twice in the coming years, with the help of Warner Bros Montreal and Rocksteady, with Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, although for the second we will have to wait until 2022.

Gotham Knights part of a historical event within the DC universe. Batman has died, and those in charge of ensuring peace in the streets of Gotham will be Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, or Red Hood, in a title that is being developed for PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Although not many details of the game have been released yet, a recent Christmas greeting from the team behind Gotham Knights could indicate one of the villains that will appear in the WB Montreal co-op title and the possible release date in 2021.

This congratulation reveals an image with several elements, among which we find a promotional poster of Flying Graysons, the trapeze artists of the Haly Circus in Robinson Park, a scene that appears in some Batman comics. We also see two dates, July 16 and 21.

Batman fans have begun to analyze this image and have drawn some conclusions. The first is that Poison Ivy could have a special role in the plot of the game, not only as a villain but in the history of Gotham Knights itself.

This is because Poison Ivy has a great connection with Robinson Park, the place where the traveling circus of Haly’s Circus will be installed, since it was their base of operations in some comics, although as we say it is not confirmed and at the moment it is only a rumor.

On the other hand, the dates of July 16 and 21 of the Flying Graysons poster could indicate that Gotham Knights would go on sale in summer 2021 , although WB Montreal has not yet given a date for the game on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series. X | S, Xbox One and PC .

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