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Hauma: A Detective Noir Story – Review



Hauma: A Detective Noir Story

Hauma: A Detective Noir Story is a deduction Visual Novel game developed by SenAm Games and published by Assemble Entertainment. The game takes place in Munich with various real-life locations showcased in 2D that players will get to visit and experience with a novel vibe. There are tons of visual novel games out there with various elements but Hauma: A Detective Noir Story has its unique elements and mechanics that players will have to understand to progress through the main story and experience the historical locations along with it.

Story and Gameplay

As the name describes, it is the story of a detective named Judith who is the protagonist of the game. Judith is a former champion boxer and a detective who finds herself solving a case that her grandfather was working on before he died. You will start in an apartment where you will get to witness and learn the main mechanics of the game which are making memories to decipher complex things and learning how useful the old Journal of Grandfather is.

As it is a visual novel, there is nothing more than clicking on items, places, pathways, etc. to interact with the things and go around the places. However, the main detective work and the progression of the story is done via solving the puzzles which can be done through your inventory. You can hold items and memories in your inventory that have a use in certain scenarios. At the early stage, you will get to solve simple puzzles to unlock new memories and clues but as you progress in the game and visit historical locations in Bavaria’s Capital, things will start to get complicated due to the events in the story. Talking to individuals at the places can also help you learn about the history of the locations and might even unlock a new clue for you in the inventory which you can relate to another memory to decipher a scenario.

The story will take unusual steps that will keep you engaged throughout the game. You cannot simply guess what is about to happen next and it will give you the feeling of Indiana Jones-ish vibes as you progress through the game. The playtime of the game is not too long and you can easily complete it in under 4 hours.

Art & Visuals

All the locations that you will visit in the game have a 2D rendered image with great vibrant colors that set a great visual for the locations. The layout of the elements in the locations and on characters are portrayed as a novel book so, you don’t feel outside of the theme of the game.

The voice acting for the main character and all the other characters that you will get to meet in the story is done greatly and you will feel certain emotions in their voice according to the scenarios which enhances the overall experience.

Verdict – Score 8/10

Hauma: A Detective Noir Story is a well-crafted game with all the right elements for adventure and storytelling fans. We highly recommend this game to you if you enjoy good narrative and story-driven games. The story will keep you in suspense throughout the whole game and you will have an appreciation for yourself as you get to solve the ridiculous ciphers to unveil the plot lines in the story.

Hauma: A Detective Noir Story is now available on PC.

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