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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Unlock Special Attacks



How to Recharge Reverb Gauge

Hi-Fi Rush is a third-person Action-Adventure game in which players will get to explore a city filled with different types of robots. The main protagonist of the game will also get a robotic arm which will help the protagonist fight the enemy robots in the game. The main character, Chai has different types of attacks and the ones that are the most powerful are the Special Attacks.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Special Attacks in Hi-Fi Rush.

Unlock Special Attack Ability

At the beginning of the game, players will only be able to land the Light Attacks and Heavy Attacks on the enemies. All the combos are made by these two attacks in the game but there is also a Special Attack that can be landed by Chai once he has unlocked it. Players will be able to unlock the Special Attack later in the first stage of the game. Players will have to save the robotic cat named “808” and then go ahead with the cat to QA Center. When the players reached the Battery Production factory, they will be able to get the Special Attack Ability by getting the Batteries.

Players will reach the Battery Production Factory and there you will see an opened compartment on the floor. Jump inside the compartment and the battery production will start. Players will have to dodge and jump over the Red Lasers in the production of the batteries. You will have to survive the lasers for a few moments. Make sure to keep your distance from the laser on the ground and jump over the lasers that are moving on the floor.

Once you have successfully dodged the lasers, two batteries will be produced and when you catch these batteries, your Reverb Gauge will fill up. It can be seen above the HP Bar of your character. It will be fully charged and you will be able to do your first Special Attack move named “Power Chord”. Players will be able to do the Special Attack by pressing the Left and the Right Stick buttons at the same time.

How to Recharge Reverb Gauge

The Reverb Gauge of Chai can be recharged by the following two methods.

  • Gather the Batteries by breaking the boxes or from the ground. Each obtained battery will fill a certain amount of Reverb Gauge.
  • Land the perfect sync attacks during the combat to quickly refill the Reverb Gauge. It is the fastest way to refill the Reverb Gauge and you can do it multiple times if you are fighting a high number of enemies.

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