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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Access Dark Arts Battle Arena



Dark Arts Battle Arena

As players progress through the game, they will get to encounter many different enemies and some of them can catch you off guard due to not knowing their attacks. However, the best way to learn almost all the enemies’ attacks and test your skills in Hogwarts Legacy is by going to the Dark Arts Battle Arena. This will be available for the players who own the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to access Dark Arts Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy.

Dark Arts Battle Arena – Location

Players will be able to take part in Dark Arts Battle Arena once they have unlocked the ability to free roam outside of Hogwarts. Once you have obtained your own Wand, you will be able to explore outside of Hogwarts. To get to the Dark Arts Battle Arena, you need to go to the Forbidden Forest. If you look on the map, you will see an icon of Statue.

Location of Dark Arts Battle Arena

You need to go to the location to see the entrance to the Dark Arts Battle Arena.

Accessing Dark Arts Battle Arena

Once you have reached the Statue, you will have to break 10 Pots in total to enter the Arena. These Pots are White and scattered near the entrance of Arena. You need to simply break them by casting the basic spell. Some of the Pots will be above the statue and some might be on the side of trees. Make sure to use Revelio to see the Pots in your vision.

Break Pots to Acccess Battle Arena

Once you have broken all 10 Pots, you need to go to the Statue and you will get the option to enter the Arena.

Dark Arts Battle Arena

In the Dark Arts Battle Arena, you will get to use the Unforgiveable Curses as well as the Blasting Curse. You need to use these powerful spells to clear the 5 total waves of enemies. Each wave will be difficult than before so, you will get to test your combo skills as well as movement skills.

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