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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Moonstones




There are a lot of materials and items in the game that players will get by exploring the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy. All the materials and items are used to make something and one of the items that is used later in the game for decoration of Room of Requirement is Moonstones.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Moonstones in Hogwarts Legacy.

What are Moonstones

Moonstones are the Black-Blue Crystals which are obtained by breaking them with a spell. These Crystals spawn almost everywhere in the outer areas of Hogwarts and players can stumble upon many Moonstones crystals. However, players will only be able to get a lower amount of these crystals by breaking them and it will take a while for them to collect a high number of these Moonstones.

Moonstones are mainly used to decorate as well as conjure items, tools, furniture, and stations inside the Room of Requirement. This knowledge will not be shared with you by anyone until you complete a quest named “The Room of Requirement”. In this quest, you will be taught a spell named “Evanesco” which is used to obtain Moonstones only inside Room of Requirement. Using this spell on any item will give you Moonstones in return of the item.

Use Moonstones to Conjure Items

Getting More Moonstones

In order to conjure more items, tools, and stations in your Room of Requirement, you will be required to have enough Moonstones. Each item will cost a certain number of Moonstones so, you will have to gather them in high number. Since, it is difficult to get them quickly, it can take a while. However, there is a way to farm Moonstones and it will make things much easier for you. You need to get a conjuration spellcraft named “Material Refiner Spellcraft”.

Material Refiner Spellcraft

You will not have this spellcraft by default. You will have to buy this spellcraft from a shop named “Tomes and Scrolls” in Hogsmeade Village. It is marked on the map with an icon of a scroll. Go to the shop and talk to the merchant to browse the spellcrafts. The material refiner will cost you 1,500 Galleon Gold and you can place 3 of them inside the Room of Requirement. It will cost 15 Moonstones to place 1 Material Refiner inside the Room of Requirement and in order to place 3, you must have 45 Moonstones.

By placing the refiners in your Room of Requirement, you will not have to worry about gathering Moonstones from the outer world. You will only have to return to Room of Requirement after some time to gather Moonstone. Material Refiner will produce Moonstones after every 10 minutes and once you have obtained them, it will restart producing them so, it is an unlimited process of producing the Moonstones.

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