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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Brew Wiggenweld Potion



Wiggenweld Potion

There are various Potions in Hogwarts Legacy that players will learn to brew as they complete the Potions Class as well as Assignments of Professor Sharp. However, the most useful Potion in the game is Wiggenweld Potion because it is the only healing potion that will restore your HP during the battles. It is a must potion that you want to have during your quests because you don’t know what will be waiting for you ahead.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to brew Wiggenweld Potion in Hogwarts Legacy.

Brewing Wiggenweld Potion

Wiggenweld Potion is a Healing Potion that can be brewed at the Potions Station. You will get access to the Potions Station once you have completed the Potions Class. You can also have your own Potions Station inside the Room of Requirement but it will require you to complete the main quest named “The Room of Requirement”. After that, you will be able to conjure the Potions Station in the Room of Requirement.

Once you have got access to Potions Station, you will be able to Brew the Potions. For Wiggenweld Potion, you will be required the following ingredients.

  • 1x Horklump Juice
  • 1x Dittany Leaves

Horklump Juice can be bought from the J. Pippins Potions Shop in Hogsmeade Village and it can also be obtained from the cave and ruins in Highlands. Dittany Leaves can be found almost all over the map and you can also buy them as well as grow them by yourself. You can buy Dittany Leaves Seeds from the Magic Neep shop in Hogsmeade and then you can grow them on any pot-size potting table.

Brew Wiggenweld Potion at Potions Station

Dittany Leaves will take about 10 minutes to grow and you will get 5 of them by harvesting. After you have obtained all the ingredients, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Go to the Potions Station.
  • Select the Wiggenweld Potion.
  • Wait 15 seconds until the Potion is brewed.

After the potion is brewed, collect the potion from the station and it will be added to your inventory. You can hold up to 25 Wiggenweld Potions at a time. Make sure to brew them often so, you won’t get defeated by your enemies in the battles.

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