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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Find the Treasure in Forbidden Forest (Ghost of Our Love)



Treasure in Forbidden Forest

As players progress through the main story of the game, they will find a Ghost named “Richard Jackdaw” in one of the main quests of the game. While completing the quest, you will come to find a treasure map with a bridge and lit candles. By finding this treasure map, you will unlock a small side quest named “Ghost of our Love” in which you will have to find the treasure.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find the Treasure in the Forbidden Forest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Finding the Treasure

If you have found the Treasure Map in the cave where you meet the ghost, you will get the side quest in your Quests Tab. You can track it and it will take you to the bridge which is also the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. However, you need to pick up the Love Letter from the corner of the Bridge and then you will see the Floating Candles.

Now, if you have found the Love Letter in the morning time then you will not be able to see the Floating Candles. You need to come to the bridge at night time. You can spend the time and turn it to nighttime by waiting. Open the map and select your character’s position to wait. Once it is nighttime, you will see floating candles.

Cast Lumos to see Floating Candles

You will have to cast the light spell named “Lumos” and it will let the candles move. Now, you need to follow the candles and they will take you inside the Forbidden Forest. You need to keep following them until they take you to a spot of Picnic and there you will find a Treasure Chest. Loot the Treasure Chest to complete the side quest as well.

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