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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Solve Clocktower Pendulum Puzzle (Second Hogwarts Secret)



Clocktower Pendulum Puzzle

There are a lot of different hidden secrets that you will get to unveil throughout the main story of the game but there are also hidden secrets of Hogwarts itself. There are three Hogwarts Secrets that players can find by solving a relative puzzle for each of the secrets. One of the secrets that players can find is by solving the Clocktower Pendulum Puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Clocktower Pendulum Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

Requirements to Solve Clocktower Pendulum Puzzle

In order to solve the Clocktower Pendulum Puzzle, you will have to get the following Spells.

  • Alohomora
  • Glacius or Arresto Momentum

You need to get these spells in order to slow down or freeze the pendulum at a certain time to open the respective door.

Solving Clocktower Pendulum Puzzle

To find the location of the Puzzle, open the map and select the South Wing. There, you will see the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame. If you have already discovered it then fast-travel there and if not then just place the waypoint and follow the path to reach it. Once there, you need to look up and you will see four different Symbols.

  1. Unicorn
  2. Owl
  3. Two Dragons
  4. Scarab

You need to stop the Pendulum over the symbols one by one from the left to the right side. By doing this, you will open the respective doors of the symbols in which you will find different rewards.

Slowing Down Pendulum

Unicorn Symbol

You need to use the Glacius or Arresto Momentum to stop the pendulum when it reaches the left side or over the Unicorn Symbol. It will unlock the door on the left side. Inside the room, you will find a chest with a Conjuration Recipe.

Owl Symbol

Now, you need to go to the door on the left with a lock and open it by using Alohomora Spell. After that, go up the staircase and you will see the symbols. Now, you need to stop or slow down the Pendulum once it reaches the Owl Symbol.  It will open the door on the left side on the same level. Once the door opens, you will find an Eye Chest inside the room.

Two Dragons Symbol

You need to head further up the staircase until you see the symbols again. Now, you need to stop or slow down the pendulum once it reaches the Two Dragons Symbol. It will open the door on the right side. You will find two chests inside that room. One will give you a Conjuration Recipe and the other will give you a Wand handle.

Scarab Symbol

Now, stay at the same level and slow or stop the pendulum over the Scarab Symbol. After that, you need to go up the staircase on the right side. Go up one level and go through the small brown gate and you will see a door in front. Go inside the door to find the Legendary Chest.

Completing Pendulum Hogwarts Secret

By opening all of the four symbol doors, you will complete the second Hogwarts Secret and you will also get a reward for completing the challenge.

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