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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Defeat Theophilus Harlow



Theophilus Harlow

Players will get to complete the side/relationship questline of Natty in Hogwarts Legacy which will let them uncover the story of Harlow. You will have to gather evidence with Natty about Harlow’s and in the last quest named “Harlow’s Last Stand”, you will get to encounter Theophilus Harlow.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Theophilus Harlow in Hogwarts Legacy.

Defeating Theophilus Harlow

After gathering all the evidence against Harlow, you and Natty will make your way to Manor Cape. You need to go to the Manor and you will be attacked by the enemies. You need to clear the first wave of the enemies and then you will get to fight Theophilus Harlow.

Theophilus Harlow will be using the Yellow Shield which can be easily broken with the Levioso Spell and you can easily be able to freeze him with Glacius. By doing this, you will get the chance to attack a couple of more spells on him without even giving him a chance to fight back. He has normal spells, which can be blocked as well as dodged. You need to focus on him rather than the enemies to quickly finish the fight.

When you have depleted half of his HP, he will come to duel with you and you will have to mash the button on the screen to beat him in the duel. After that, you will have to repeat the process to damage him until his health is completely depleted. Once you have depleted his health, you will get to duel him again and then a cutscene will start in which he will be captured.

Defeating Theophilus Harlow

The fight is not long and not as hard as other bosses in the game. You can also one-shot Theophilus Harlow with the “Avada Kedavra” Spell if you have unlocked it. By casting Avada Kedavra on him, it will take you straight to the last duel and then after winning the fuel, the cutscene will start.

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