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Atomic Heart – How to Upgrade Weapons



Upgrade Weapons

Players will get different types of weapons as they progress through the game or they can also craft new weapons by finding the respective Blueprints of the weapons. In both of the ways, players will still have to upgrade their weapons to make them more deadly. Upgrading the weapons will add new special attacks to them so, it is really worth to upgrade them every now and then.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Upgrade Weapons in Atomic Heart.

Upgrading the Weapons

Players will only be able to upgrade their owned weapons in the game. Meaning, they will only be able to upgrade the weapons that they have unlocked or found throughout their gameplay. Upgrading the weapons can only be done at the specific machine named “Nora”. Nora is one of the machines that players will get to meet during the first chapter of the game and by interacting with it, you will be able to upgrade your weapons along with unlocking new skills and crafting items.

Now, upgrading your weapons will require different types of resources. These resources can be found in the drawers, chests, and from enemies. You can hold the interact button to quickly loot the drawers, chests, and enemies for the resources. All of these resources will be used to upgrade your weapon so, you must collect these resources by exploring the rooms and areas.

In order to upgrade the weapons, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with Nora and select “Arsenal Upgrade” option to view the weapons.
  • Now, go into the Upgrade tab and select the weapon that you would like to upgrade.
  • You will see two special attacks for the weapon and you can only choose one.
  • By choosing the special attack, you will be able to level the special attack up to Level 4.
  • However, you can also select the other special attack at any time and by selecting the other attack, all of your consumed resources will come back to you and you will be able to upgrade the levels of the other special attack.
  • So, there will not any wastage of your resources. You can select any special attack at any time for your weapons.
Upgrading Axe Weapon

You will only see the owned weapons in the Upgrade Tab and if you craft more weapons by finding the Blueprint then the new weapons will also be added to Upgrade Tab. You can always change the upgrades of your weapons without any loss of resources so, feel free to experiment the upgrades you like for your weapons.

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