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Atomic Heart – Crafting Guide




Atomic Heart is an Open World FPS and action pack game that allows players to take down different types of enemies and explore a variety of environments. There are a lot of different things that players will be able to do in the game other than killing the enemies and crafting is one of them. Atomic Heart allows players to craft almost all the needy items, consumables, and weapons for their journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how crafting works in Atomic Heart.

Requirements for Crafting in Atomic Heart

Players will be able to craft all the things that they might need for the journey but in order to craft the items, you will have to fulfill some requirements.

  1. Recipes/Blueprints
  2. Resources
  3. NORA (Crafting & Upgrade Machine)

These three are the main requirements that players will have to get before they get to craft any type of item.

How to Get Recipes/Blueprints

A Recipe/Blueprint is the first requirement to craft any type of item. If you want to craft a consumable or even ammo for your weapon, you will have to get its recipe/blueprint. The recipes/blueprints can only be found in the chests. You will run into these chests by progressing in the main story of the game or by exploring the other areas. Some chests are hidden which requires a puzzle or two to be solved to unlock. So, you will have to check for all the possible areas as you progress through the main story to find a maximum number of recipes/blueprints for the items, consumables, and weapons.

How to Get Resources

Resources are the second requirement to craft any type of item. After finding the recipe for an item, you will be able to craft the item with the required resources. The resources can be found by looting the Drawers, Cabinets, Chests, and Dead Enemies. You will have to loot each room and each area to find all the possible resources. You can use the scanner to see if there is any loot left in the area. The scanner will show you the blue highlight if there is any loot.

Loot the items from the cabinets, and chests, and don’t forget to loot the enemies because they can also drop resources as well as consumables.

How to Unlock NORA

NORA is the crafting & upgrading machine that players will unlock during the first chapter of the game. Players will unlock it during the cutscene and after that, they will be able to find NORA in all the Safe Areas throughout the game. These areas will have a Safe Point and NORA along with a Chest that will contain a recipe/blueprint or resources that can be used to craft or upgrade items.

How to Craft

After you have obtained all the required items for your crafting, you can craft the items you want by following the following steps.

  • Interact with NORA and select the “Arsenal Upgrade” option to see your items, consumables, and weapons in the “Crafting Tab”.
  • You will be able to see and craft in all of their respective Subtabs.
  • The items that you can craft will be marked with “Sufficient Resources”.
  • You need to select the item for you have sufficient resources to craft it.
  • After crafting it, you can also upgrade it in the Upgrade tab.
Crafting in Atomic Heart

You will have to change the subtabs in the Crafting Tab to see all the items that you can craft with your gathered recipes and resources. Craft the items that you think will be useful for the journey ahead.

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