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Atomic Heart – How to Unlock Skills




Skills are one of the main aspects of combat in Atomic Heart. By acquiring and learning new skills, your character will be able to deal more damage as well as deal damage to enemies by newer methods. Players will be able to view all of the skills that their character can hold once they have unlocked the machine named “NORA”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Skills in Atomic Heart.

Unlocking Skills

The Skills of the character will not be able to see in any option in the menu. You will have to unlock a new machine named “NORA”. It is a machine with the capability of getting you new Skills as well as making you the items that you need for the journey. Players will be able to unlock NORA after they have defeated VOV A6/CH LAB TECH robot and picked the lock.

In order to view the Skills, you will have to interact with NORA and select the option named “Polymer Upgrades for CHARLES”. It will show you all the Skill types that your character can unlock. There are Seven Different types of Skills that you can Unlock in Atomic Heart.

  • SHOK

All of these types hold a number of skills that you will have to BUY in order to unlock them. The skills are bought with a resource named “NEUROPOLYMER”. Now, Neuroplymer can only be obtained from dead enemies. All the enemies that you will kill will drop some amount of Neuropolymer. You just need to interact with their bodies to loot the resources off of them. You can also use the Scanner to see the loot on their body.

Unlocking Skills

All the Skills will cost different amounts of Neuropolymer so, make sure that you collect a decent amount of Neuropolymer and spend them on useful skills. Skills can cost 0 – 100+ Neuropolymer so, take down all kinds of enemies to get Neuropolymer.

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