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Atomic Heart – How to Defeat VOV-A6/CH LAB TECH




Players will get to encounter a lot of different types of enemies in Atomic Heart. One of the early main enemies that players will get to encounter is Robots and one of the LAB TECH robots will attack you while you are down in the Facility. The robot name will be VOV-A6/CH and it is the first enemy boss that you will get to fight in Atomic Heart.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat VOV-A6/CH LAB TECH in Atomic Heart.

Defeating VOV-A6/CH LAB TECH

The LAB TECH robot will encounter you when you meet a doctor named “Larisa” in the facility. The robot will attack the patients in the room and then it will come for you. The Robot itself does not have a lot of HP. It has a Single HP Bar that will be shown on top of the screen and it can easily die in less than 10 Heavy Attacks of your Melee Weapon.

However, the attacks of the robot are very different from the normal robots. It has a laser beam that deals a lot of damage if you get hit by it. You need to dodge the laser at all costs. It is a very aggressive robot so it will always run towards you and try to punch you in the face or hit you with its leg.

The best way to deal damage to this robot is to keep dodging in the back direction while charging your Power Attack of the Melee Weapon. Whenever the robot comes close to you, hit it with the Power Attack to deal damage to it. You can also use the Shotgun but since the bullets are hard to get and expensive to make so, it is best to save them for more dangerous enemies. You can strike the robot with a couple of quick melee attacks but it will also get the chance to hit you back with a punch if you do not dodge back instantly.

Defeating VOV-A6/CH LAB TECH

Other than that, the boss fight is pretty simple, you just have to dodge and charge your power attack and when it come close to you, hit it with the power attack. It will be downed in like 6 – 7 Power Attacks.

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