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Atomic Heart – How to Disassemble Items



Disassembling Items

Players will get a lot of items, consumables, and resources throughout the game but these items take up individual space in the storage which can be a problem at the start. However, there is a couple of ways to make space for more items to store in your inventory and one of the methods is to disassemble the items you don’t need.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Disassemble Items in Atomic Heart.

Disassembling Items

All the items that you will grab will take some space in your storage and an unfortunate thing is that similar items do not stack in the storage. They take up individual space which makes your storage more crucial. Now, in order to make space, you will have to either Disassemble items or increase your storage. Increasing your storage can take time because it is only done by unlocking a specific skill under the “Character” Tree.

Now, in order to Disassemble Items, you can do that right from the start. In the very first chapter of the game where you will go down into the facility, you will find a machine named “NORA”. This machine is mainly used to craft & upgrade items and weapons along with disassembling the items that you don’t need. In order to disassemble an item, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with NORA and select the “Arsenal Upgrade” option.
  • You need to select the Storage/Disassembly tab.
  • Now, you will see Storage on your right side and your inventory on the left side.
  • You need to select the item you want to disassemble in your inventory and drag it into your Storage. It will not let you disassemble directly from your inventory.
  • After that, you need to simply select the item and then press the Right Click to disassemble the item and it will give you all the Resources from that item.
Storage & Inventory

Disassembling any item will not waste any of your resources. If you are Disassembling a Weapon, it will give you all of the resources back that you have spent. So, is one of the easiest way to make room in your inventory as well as storage.

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