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Atomic Heart – How to Pick a Lock



Lock in Atomic Heart

As players progress through the main story of the game, they will get to encounter different types of enemies as well as different types of puzzles and locks.  Your companion which is nonother than a glove will hint to you about the puzzles and new types of locks when you see one. To open the lock, you will have to learn how to pick a lock.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how lock picking works in Atomic Heart.

Picking a Lock

The locks in Atomic Heart are different from the normal locks and it makes sense as well because it is a Sci-Fi world so locks are also different. Players will get to pick a lock in the first main chapter of the game after meeting an NPC named “Larisa”, a doctor. After that, players will get to fight their first boss or big enemy of the game. Once players have dealt with that, they will have to open a big lock on the door to go ahead.

Players will have to open the lock by locking the pins in the lock at the right time. To pick the lock, follow the following steps.

  • When you interact with the lock, you will see a timer on the lock’s screen. You need to pick it before the timer runs out otherwise, you will have to start picking from the beginning.
  • The lock will have 8 pins in total and some times lock will require fewer pins to be locked. You need to lock the pins of the lock when a Red Light is ON under the pin.
  • When you see the red light under a pin, you need to press Left Click to lock the pin. On PS5 it will be the X Button and on the XBOX series, it will be the A Button.
  • By pressing the button, your character will snap his fingers and if you locked the pin at the right time, the Red Light will turn Green and the pin will be locked.
  • You need to focus on the light and when it turns on, you just have to press the button to lock the pins.
  • After you have locked all the pins on the lock, the lock will go inside and the big lock will come off of the door.
Picking a Lock in Atomic Heart

You will get to open a lot of these locks on your playthrough and some of these big locks will have more than one lock on them. They will be more-trickier to open due to time but the method will remain the same. So, you will have to master your timing of snapping to lock the pins to pick the lock in Atomic Heart.

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