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Atomic Heart – How to Save Game



Safe Point

Atomic Heart is an FPS Action-Adventure game in which players will get to explore the Sci-Fi world filled with robots and mutants. Players will progress through the game by completing the main objectives of the game and by progressing, the game will auto-save your progress at a certain point. Since there is not any option to manually save at any time from the menu, the game has another method to manually save the progress.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to save your progress in Atomic Heart.

Saving Game

The game originally has an Auto-Save feature where it auto-saves the progress of the game at certain points. It will save it on completion of the mission, before or after a major event in the mission, or at the start of another main mission. These auto-save points are limited and you can easily lose your progress if you die at the hand of a deadly robot or mutant.

However, there is a way to manually save your game in between these auto-save points. As you play through the main mission, you will come to find a Red Phone Machine. This machine will be the manual safe point that can be accessed to manually save your progress. The area in which you will find this machine is called the “Safe Area”. You will also find another machine named “Nora” alongside the Phone Machine. Both of the machines are red so it is very easy to recognize them.

Safe Areas in Atomic Heart

You can also look at these machines through the walls by using the Scanner so, make sure to use your scanner while you are exploring an area or bunker. Usually, you will find a chest near the machines full of resources and consumables so, it will be useful for you to get the resources for the crafting as well as save your progress right away.

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