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Hogwarts Legacy – What happens if you Turn in Sebastian?



Sebastian's Fate

Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of characters that players will get to meet throughout the main story of the game. One of the early characters that you will get to meet is Sebastian Sallow, a Slytherin House Student. By meeting him in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class, you will be able to start his own questline which will go along the main story as well. However, in the end, you will get to decide whether you like to turn Sebastian in or not due to the recent events in his questline.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what happens if your turn in Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy.

What happens if you Turn in Sebastian?

Players will get to complete the Side/Relationship questline of Sebastian which will unveil the story of Sebastian and his sister named ANNE. His sister is cursed and continuously in pain and he cannot stand her pain by watching her so, you will help him find a cure for her sister. You will get to study the Dark Magic with Sebastian in his Questline.

As you complete his quests, you will get to unlock Unforgivable Curses, and in the quest named “In the Shadow of the Relic”, you will witness Sebastian killing his own Uncle with the Killing Curse “Avada Kedavra”. After that, you will get a quest named “In the Shadow of Fate” in which you will talk to Sebastian and Ominis about the incident.

You will get to decide the Fate of Sebastian. You can either turn Sebastian in or you can save him. It is up to your hands if you want to save Sebastian for a crime he committed or if you want to turn him in. Ominis will ask you what has to be done and you will get the options to decide.

Now, if you save Sebastian, he will not face anything and you will be able to talk to him and see him in Hogwarts. If you turn him in, Ominis will tell the Headmaster Black which will lead to Sebastian getting Expelled from Hogwarts and facing charges in Ministry. By doing this, you will not be able to see Sebastian and if you have not unlocked any Unforgivable Curses, you will not be able to learn in the current profile.

Turning Sebastian in

So, it will be in your hands what fate you want to decide for Sebastian Sallow.

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