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Sons of the Forest – How to Make a Tent




Sons of the Forest is a survival thriller game that is a sequel to the original game “The Forest”. It has a lot of similarities to the original game but the mechanics are a bit different than the original game. In the original game, you will make things by selecting a recipe from the book and then adding the required materials to complete the item. However, things are a bit different in Sons of the Forest. One of the very first things that players will have to make in the game is a Tent.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make a Tent in Sons of The Forest.

Tent Recipe

You will start the game on the beach or in the forest where you will be able to find an Emergency Pack near the wreckage. You will be able to get a Tactical Axe, GPS Tracker, and a Guide Book. Guide Book will contain the recipes of the items and structures that you will be able to make by following the techniques shown in the Guide Book. It is a bit different so, you will have to follow the techniques in order to make the item.

Now, the very first recipe that you will see when you open the Guide Book is a Tent. You will be required the following two items in order to make the Tent.

  • 1x Tarp
  • 1x Stick

Gathering Materials for Tent

You will be on the beach and there are a bunch of sticks that you will be able to find on the Beach and in the forest. Just go near any stick and press E to pick it up. Now, you need to loot the rest of the wreckage to find a Tarp in one of the boxes.

Gather Sticks

Making a Tent

After you have obtained all the required materials for a tent, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Open the Inventory by pressing I Button and select Tarp from it. It will be on the top right side.
  • Now, place the Tarp where you want to set up your Tent.
  • After that, you need to place a stick at one of the corners of the Tarp.
Equip Tarp from Inventory

By doing this, your tent will be ready. Now, as you progress ahead in the game, you will be going to the new places so, you can also bring your tarp with you to make the tent in newer areas. It will be difficult to find a new tarp in the forest so why not use the one you already have.

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