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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete the Trials of Merlin



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete the Trials of Merlin

Hogwarts Legacy has many different points of Interest and puzzles in the game that players will get to discover and explore. One of the puzzles that players will get to solve is Trials of Merlin which also happens to be a challenge in the game. However, this challenge will not be unlocked until you have solved the very first trial of Merlin in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Trials of Merlin in Hogwarts Legacy.

Completing the Trials of Merlin

As players progress through the main questline of the game, they will get to meet with new Professors and characters in Hogwarts. One of the characters that you will meet in the game is Nora Treadwell. You will meet Nora Treadwell right after completing the main quest named “The Girl from Uagadou”. You will have to help Nora Treadwell from the enemies and after saving her, she will introduce you to the Trails of Merlin.

Trials of Merlin are like a small puzzle that you can solve in the game and you will get to solve the very first in the quest of Nora Treadwell. You will have to gather the Mallosweet Leaves from the trunk in the area and after that, she will tell you to go on the symbol next to Nora’s tent.

While standing in the middle of it, you need to interact with it to spread Mallosweet Leaves on the symbol. They will disappear the vines and Nora will tell you that the pyres around the symbol have something to do with the symbol.

Now, you need to light up the pyres by using the spell “Incendio”. You would have unlocked this spell already at this point because it is given by Professor Hecat by completing her assignment. You need to go close to each of the three Pyres and use the Incendio Spell to light them on fire. Lighting them up will lower the Pyres and once you have lowered all of the Pyres, a structure will come up on the symbol as well as a ghost of Merlin as well.

It will complete the first Trial of Merlin and you will unlock the Merlin Trials Challenges. You can see these challenges in the Challenges section of the menu. By completing these challenges, you will be able to earn useful rewards.

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