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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Earn Galleon Gold (Money)



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Earn Galleon Gold (Money)

Galleon gold is one of the most important resources in Hogwarts Legacy because it will help you buy all the things you need to enhance your gear Items or complete your assignments. As there are many different assignments that will be given to you by your teachers will require you to acquire new items and use them which can cost you thousands of Galleon Gold in one assignment. However, there are plenty of methods that you can try in the game to make money.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to earn Galleon Gold in Hogwarts Legacy.

Best Ways to Earn Galleon Gold

As the Galleon is the main in-game currency that is used to buy almost all the Gear Items, Recipes, Seeds, and Combat Tools, players will have to earn a lot of Galleon to get the required items for their playthrough. As all the quests in the game do not give you any Galleon as a reward for completing them because you are a student so, you will have to earn Galleon by yourself through different methods.

The best methods to earn Galleon Gold are the following.

  • Selling Gear Items
  • Opening Eye Chests
  • Selling Magical Beasts

All of these methods can help you earn a decent amount of Galleon Gold in a few minutes.

Selling Gear Items

The Gear Items are the accessory items of your character or clothing items that can be seen in the Gear Tab of the menu. As players progress through the game, they will find a lot of chests from which they can find different Gear Items. However, the Gear Items can only be held on to a certain limit. Your character will not be able to grab more Gear Items once the Gear Items limit is reached. You will have to either destroy the Gear Items to make space or sell them.

Selling the Gear Items is most useful because it can bring you a decent amount of Galleon Gold. In order to sell the Gear Items, you need to go to the shops in Hogsmeade Village and talk to the Merchants to sell them. As the Gear Items are of a different rarity so, the selling price of the Gear Items will also depend on the rarity. You can sell the Legendary Gear Item for 250 Galleon Gold where as the Epic Gear Item is sold for 150 Galleon Gold.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Earn Galleon Gold (Money)

Once your Gear Items inventory is full, you can sell all the unnecessary gear items to make money.

Opening Eye Chests

Eye Chests can be found in all the major areas of the World Map and you must have seen them inside Hogwarts as well as in Hogsmeade Village. These Chests will give out the most Galleon Gold than any other chest in the game. Opening a single Eye Chest will give you 500 Galleon Gold. However, Eye Chests require you to be unnoticed by them in order to unlock them.

To unlock the Eye Chests, you need to use the Disillusionment Spell which can be earned by completing a main quest named “Secrets of the Restricted Section”. Finding and unlocking Chests in the areas will earn you thousands of Galleon Gold in a few minutes.

Selling Magical Beasts

Another way to earn Galleon Gold is by selling Magical Beasts to a merchant in Hogsmeade. There are many different kinds of Magical Beasts in the game that you can catch from the areas around the Hogwarts. However, players will have to complete a main quest named “The Elf, The Nab Sack, and the Loom” which will unlock later in the game.

Completing this quest will you give you a new item named “Nab Sack” which can be used to Catch/Rescue Magical Beasts from the Wild. The Nab Sack has the limit of 20 slots in which you can store rescued Magical Beasts. After rescuing/catching the Magical Beasts, make your way to the Hogsmeade and go inside the Shop named “Brood and Peck”. Talk to the merchant to sell the Magical Beasts.

Best Ways to Earn Galleon Gold

Each Magical Beast will sell for 120 Galleon Gold and if you sell all 20 Magical Beasts at the same time, you will earn 2,400 Galleon Gold.

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