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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Sell Items



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Sell Items

Players will find many different accessories and items in Hogwarts Legacy which will be useful for the players in the playthrough of the game but since your character has limited space for gear items, you might have to make some space for the new and more powerful gear items. The only way to make space for new gear is by selling your items or destroying them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sell items in Hogwarts Legacy.

Selling Items in Hogwarts Legacy

As players explore Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, they will find different kinds of chests from which they can find different tiers of gear items. These Gear Items can be equipped from the Gear Tab in the menu. However, you will have limited space for the gear items and in order to equip the new and powerful gear items, you will either have to destroy the previous Gear Items or Sell the Gear Items. Selling the Gear Items is more sufficient because you will get a decent amount of gold for the items while destroying them will not give you anything but free space.

So, in order to sell the items, you need to make your way to Hogsmeade. Once you have reached Hogsmeade, go to any shop in the Village to sell your items. Once inside the shop, talk with the merchant and you need to change the section from Buy to Sell. You can do that by pressing the R1 on your controller.

In the Sell Section, you will see the total worth of your Gear Items as well as the worth of each Gear Item individually. You can sell the gear item by selecting it and then confirming it to sell. The more gear items you sell, the more space you will make for the new gear items.

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