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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Defeat Pensieve Guardian (Boss Fight)



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Defeat Pensieve Guardian (Boss Fight)

There are many different enemies that players will get to defeat in Hogwarts Legacy but one of the main enemies and bosses that players will get to defeat is Pensieve Guardian. Players will have to defeat the guardian boss in order to complete the first trial of Percieval Rackham.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy.

Pensieve Guardian Location

Players will get to encounter Pensieve Guardian in the main quest named “Percieval Rackham’s Trial”. Players will have to go to the Tower on the North side of Hogwarts and then start Percieval Rakham’s Trial. It will be the first trial and you will have to go through different puzzles and situations to reach the final fight with Pensieve Guardian.

Pensieve Guardian is the main boss of the quest which has two health bars in total and it has a lot of ground effect attacks that you need to dodge.

Defeating Pensieve Guardian

As you defeat the mini-guardians on the boss fight locations, Pensieve Guardian will come out and as it comes out, be ready to dodge the ground wave attack. You need to dodge out of the way of the Ground Wave Attack. Once done, hit him with the basic cast attacks and make sure you have equipped the Confringo Spell to deal fire damage to him. The Confringo spell is more powerful than the Incendio Spell and it also has more range. Since the Pensieve Guardian will only stay in the middle of the arena, you can hit him easily with the Confringo from any distance.’

Now, the two main things that you need to be doing in this fight destroy the Orbs that Pensieve Guardian is charging, and whenever you charged up your Ancient Magic bar, use the Ancient Magic on Pensieve Guardian to deplete 1 bar of his HP.

Defeating Pensieve Guardian

To destroy the Orbs that Pensieve Guardian is charging, you need to keep attacking the orb with the basic cast or you can use the Confringo with the basic cast to destroy it. If you don’t destroy the orb, the game will not tell you when you to dodge and you will have to time the dodging. Once Pensieve Guardian has launched the orb, it will follow to your location very quickly and you will only get a fraction of a second to dodge the orb. Orb will hit the ground and make an explosion so, you will have to dodge it at the perfect time.

Other than that, Pensieve Guardian will also shoot a small star onto you at a random time and you can block it by using Protego. You need to keep shooting at the Pensieve Guardian to build up the Ancient Magic and once the bar is charged, press the respective button to cast Ancient Magic on Pensieve Guardian.

You can quickly defeat Pensieve Guardian by doing a simple trick. Do not use any Ancient Magic while fighting the mini-guardian enemies. Save it for Pensieve Guardian and once the battle started, use the Ancient Magic to deplete his 1 bar immediately. For the next one, just keep casting spells, destroying orbs, and dodging his attacks.

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