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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Dugbog Tongue



Dugbog Tongue

There are many different items and materials that players will gather as they explore the Wizarding World and progress through the main story of the game. As players will carry different key items in their journey to assist them in combat, they will also be required to regrow and rebrew the items. One of the key items for combat is Focus Potion but in order to brew it, you will have to get Dugbog Tongue as an ingredient.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Dugbog Tongue in Hogwarts Legacy.

Getting Dugbog Tongue

Dugbog Tongue can only be obtained by killing a Dugbog beast. These beasts are aggressive and can be found in swampy areas on the world map. Most of them can be found in the North and South areas which requires a lot of traveling. You can find them mostly near the Giant Purple Toad’s Dens on the world map. If you are in the early hours of the game and you are looking for Dugbog then you can go to Forbidden Forest.

You can find one Dugbog right at the starting of the river when you enter the Forbidden Forest. You will always find one Dugbog and you can come again after some time to reset the Dugbog in the river. After killing the Dugbog, loot the dropped item from its body to get Dugbog Tongue.

You can also buy the Dugbog Tongue ingredient from J. Pippin’s Potions Store in the Hogsmeade Village. If you have unlocked Hogsmeade by progressing enough in the story then go to Potions Store and browse the Ingredients Tab to see Dugbog Tongue. It will cost you 100 Gold Galleon for 1x Dugbog Tongue. However, they are not unlimited and you can only buy 5 of them throughout your whole gameplay.

Buying Dugbog Tongue

In order to get more ingredients in J. Pippin’s Potions Store, you will have to complete the Delivery side quest for the owner of the store.

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