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Horizon Zero Dawn: All Spear of Sylens Upgrades and How to Get Them



Horizon Zero Dawn: All Spear of Sylens Upgrades and How to Get Them

Aloy has a good handful of weapons to face the metallic beasts: from the bow, through the sling, the destroyer, and the rope launcher, among others. However, we recommend not ignoring the power of the spear, which in addition to hacking creatures, is capable of protecting you from forceful melee attacks. In this guide, we tell you how to make the most of the Spear of Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn and its Frozen Wilds DLC .

Horizon Zero Dawn: All Spear of Sylens Upgrades and How to Get Them

Throughout the Horizon Zero Dawn campaign and its Frozen Wilds DLC, you’ll find three upgrades for Aloy’s Spear of Sylens. One of them is a damage buff, which comes in handy to defeat the weakest creatures. Another improvement points to the override module, which allows you to hack tin dinosaurs to turn them into allies. Lastly, you will find one last upgrade that focuses on the coil, which greatly increases the damage of the weapon (even more than before). We tell you how to get the three improvements of the lance, below:

  • You will find the first modification of the Spear of Sylens in the campaign, in the mission “In the footsteps of his mother”. At that moment, Aloy’s spear will go from being a mediocre weapon to an object of rare quality, and later, Thok, her father, will improve the performance of the weapon and make it an iconic tool for the journey of our beloved protagonist.
  • As for the second modification for the Spear of Sylens, it is the nullification module, which you will also get in the Horizon Zero Dawn campaign. At a certain point, Aloy will receive an upgrade that allows her to hack metal creatures to make them temporary or permanent allies, this will depend on the upgrades you apply in this module later.
  • Finally, there is a third upgrade for the Spear of Sylens: a coil modification, only achieved through the Frozen Wilds DLC story. In the mission A Shared Secret, Aloy will be able to interact with Kamut, who will tell her that, if he gets parts of a “metal bird” in the Drone Hangar, he will be able to modify the spear. The coil upgrade greatly increases the damage of the Spear of Sylens, making it quite a useful melee weapon for humans and creatures weak to blows.

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