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Horizon Zero Dawn: All mounts and how to unlock them



Horizon Zero Dawn: All mounts and how to unlock them

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is gorgeous and shocking, a mix of prehistoric culture with futuristic dystopia, mechanical dinosaurs, tribes, and modernized rustic weapons. While it is true that walking tours can be quite enjoyable, the pace of the game can slow down if you do not quickly get a mount . That is why, in this guide, we tell you how to use mounts and what machines can be assembled to travel the world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn: how to mount a creature and all mounts available in the campaign

The ability to ride a machine to traverse the post-apocalyptic terrain is one of the best features of the Guerrilla Games video game. However, it is a skill that Aloy unlocks at a certain point in the campaign, so the first bars will be on foot and, therefore, a bit slow.

Ultimately, in the main mission, the protagonist will unlock the sabotage ability, which allows her to stealthily hack into the machines so that they take her side. However, this does not mean that they can be mounted. To do this, you must improve the sabotage until you reach the skill of “Mount in combat”, at which point you will be able to sabotage certain machines so that, in addition to being on your side, they also allow you to ride them through the beautiful world.

Unfortunately, there are only three creatures available to ride in Horizon Zero Dawn: the Galloper, the Horned, and the Rammer. The truth is that they do not have too many differences in their performance, speed, and resistance, since their function aims simply to be a means of transport for the huge post-apocalyptic world. However, we recommend improving the skills available in the Spear of Sylens: as we tell you in this guide, it is an easily underestimated weapon that can save you from many dangerous situations.

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