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How Does DreamSnaps work in Disney Dreamlight Valley?



How do DreamSnaps work in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s latest July update has introduced several exciting features, including a new resident, Vanellope, and a unique challenge known as Dream Snaps. This article provides a detailed guide on how to utilize and interact with Dream Snaps.

What is Dream Snaps?

Dream Snaps is a new weekly challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players are tasked with capturing a photo that includes specific content, such as furniture or outfits. The requirements for these photos can be found under the Events and DreamSnaps tabs in the game menu. Once a photo is taken, it can be uploaded for other players to rate. The most creative photos, which garner a significant number of votes, are rewarded with prizes. The concept of Dream Snaps is introduced during the first Vanellope quest, “Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust.”

How to Take and Upload Dream Snaps

During the Vanellope quest, players are asked to photograph a room decorated with five pieces of furniture. The photo must include items from the “Playful” and “Familiar” categories. If you’re unsure what these categories entail, you can use the filter in the furniture menu to sort for “Playful” or “Familiar” furniture.

Once the room is set up, use the camera to capture the image and upload it as a Dream Snap. The ‘D’ button can be used to check if the photo includes all the required furniture for the Dream Snap. The ‘T’ button allows you to submit the photo as a Dream Snap. Finally, you need to confirm your submission, after which you’ll receive a reward of 50-pixel dust.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Arrange the required and recommended furniture in a room.
  2. Open the camera via the selection wheel and take a picture of the furniture.
  3. After capturing the photo, click on “View DreamSnaps” at the bottom left. If the requirements are met, you can upload the photo and submit it to the challenge.

After submitting the Dream Snap, return to Vanellope in the Dream Castle to complete the “Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust” quest. You can then place Vanellope’s house in the village and welcome her as a new resident in the Valley.

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