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Pikmin 4 – How to Change the Color of Pikmin



Pikmin 4 - Change Color of Pikmin

Pikmin are of various colors and kinds and have certain qualities that will help players in certain environments. All Pikmin can be ordered to deal damage to creatures or to carry an item over to S.S. Beagle but certain roles can only be performed by respective Pikmin Kind. If the players don’t have enough number of that Pikmin Kind, they would have to find more to complete the task or they can change the color of other Pikmin to that respective Pikmin to get the job done.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change the color of Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

How to Change the Color of Pikmin in Pikmin 4

There are four different colors of Pikmin that players will get to unlock during the exploration of the first area of the game. Players can hold up to 40 Pikmin at a time of any color they want but as all kinds are required to perform specific roles, it is better to keep 10 of each color. However, when players will get to the second area for exploration and to find the remaining missing Rescue Corps Officers, they would be needing more of the same color Pikmin.

During the exploration in the Blossoming Arcadia area, players can find a hole named “Drafty Gallery”. This hole has multiple sub-levels in it and while searching for treasures and rescues, players will find a strange plant known as “Candypop Bud”. This plant will be growing beneath the planet and it will be of Ice Color. Collin will give a brief introduction about the flower and will tell that any thrown Pikmin into the mouth of this flower will turn the color of Pikmin the same as the color of the flower.

At this point, players will be able to change Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin into Ice Pikmin by simply throwing the Pikmin on the Candypop Bud flower. It is only one-time use and once the players have stopped throwing the Pikmin, the flower will throw out the changed Pikmin on the ground and shrink into the dirt. Players will have to pluck out the changed Pikmin to add them to the total number of Pikmin.

The Candypop Bud flowers are of different colors and can be found in various places throughout the different areas of the mysterious planet. If players are finding any Pikmin in low numbers, they can change the Pikmin color by throwing them on the flower.

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