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Pikmin 4 – How to Get Raw Materials



Pikmin 4: How to Get Raw Materials

Raw Materials are one of the main resources in Pikmin 4 that can be found throughout the areas. Players can collect the Raw Materials that can be used as a currency as well as a building material for the structures in the field.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to get Raw Materials in Pikmin 4.

How to Get Raw Materials in Pikmin 4

Raw Material is a White Stone that can be found through various means in Pikmin 4. To collect the Raw Materials, players will have to Send the Pikmins or the Pup by pressing the A Button while looking at the Raw Material. Pikmins and the Pup will drag the Raw Material to the S.S. Beagle where all the Treasures and Dead Creatures are stored. Raw Materials will also store in the S.S. Beagle and the total number of Raw Materials can be seen on the top right of the screen beside the Sparklium. Raw Material can be obtained by the following methods.

  • Breaking Structures
  • Killing Creatures
  • Finding in the Open

All of the methods will give Raw Materials but most of them can be found by finding a Pile of Raw Materials which are found in the open. Explore the area and access different parts of the area to find the Pile of Raw Materials. A pile of Raw Materials gives more than 20 Raw Materials at a time. Make sure to gather as much as you can because Raw Materials are used to build structures as well as used to buy new Gear and Items for the field.

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