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Pikmin 4 – How to Unlock Blue Pikmin



Pikmin 4 - Blue Pikmin

Players will get to explore the Mysterious Planet where they will get to engage with various creatures. Not all creatures are enemies as players will also find a mysterious creature known as “Pikmin”. They are of various kinds and one of the Pikmin kind that players will get to unlock later in the game is Blue Pikmin. Blue Pikmin have gills on their face which allow them to swim underwater and drag any item, treasure, or raw materials from underwater. They are resistant to water and swim more swiftly than other Pikmin who are afraid of water.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

How to Unlock Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 4

Blue Pikmin can be unlocked at the Sun-Speckled Terrace area. It will be the first area that players will get to explore in the game. However, the Blue Pikmin cannot be unlocked until players have unlocked the Ice Pikmin. It is because the Blue Onion where Blue Pikmin lives can be found on the other side of the water area. To get to the other side of the water, players will have to freeze the water with the help of Ice Pikmin and then make the climbing wall structure with Raw Materials.

It will take 30 Ice Pikmin to freeze the entire water and 15 Raw Materials to make the climbing structure. Once players have frozen the water and made the structure, they need to climb up to the area and take out a creature. At the end of the area, there will be a Blue Onion in the dirt. Use any 20 Pikmin to dig out the Blue Onion and then take it back to the Red & Yellow Onion beside the S.S. Beagle.

The Blue Onion will merge with the Red & Yellow Onion and will drop a Blue Pikmin in the ground. Go near the Blue Pikmin and pull it out to unlock the Blue Pikmin. A brief introduction of Blue Pikmin will be given to the players and after that players will be able to use the Blue Pikmin to get the Treasures from underwater.

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