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How to identify Aleksis in Deathloop



How to identify Aleksis in Deathloop

With these two procedures, you can cause Aleksis to come out of his hiding place at the party so that you can knock him down.

It will not be easy for you to identify Aleksis since he is well hidden at the party, but thanks to these two procedures that we have discovered, it will not take you five minutes to know where he is.

And is that Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey is a dangerous being that you must eliminate but as he is at a masquerade party it will not be easy for you to identify him, but there are two processes for this.

One of the processes to identify Aleksi s is to cut the supply of beer and the other is to try to make him dance, and you will be able to choose one or the other according to what suits you.

How to identify Aleksis in Deathloop

Method 1

To cut off the beer supply you must go to the basement, but first, you must get to it. To find it, stand in front of The Wolf’s Den and then go left to pass two trucks until you reach a small path against the outer wall. Follow this path and enter through the first door you find until you find a kind of private bar.

When you have arrived go through the door on the right and go down the ladder that is on the other side but being careful to deactivate the lasers and mines. You must locate a kind of crank wheel that is on the left side and you must turn it to cut off the flow of beer from the party, and Aleksis will end up marking you.

Method 2

The other option we have to identify you begins with a trip to the bathroom at the Manor apartment.

To get to this room you must go to the right of the mansion entrance and use the skill called Shift that will allow you to teleport over short distances. If you don’t have the ability, you get it from Charlie.

You can use the skill to reach an open window that is close to the previous position. Once you’ve done that, keep going, past the white sculptures until you reach a rooftop, and enter through the window that leads directly to the bathroom.

Now look for some kind of multicolored remote that is hidden in a corner of the bathroom, then go to the room with the stereo that faces the party and adjust the remote that is there to match the one in the apartment. This will make Aleksis dance and you can locate him.

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