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How to reduce fall damage in Deathloop



How to reduce fall damage in Deathloop

We give you all the steps so that you can trigger the event that will allow you to achieve this advantage that will significantly reduce your fall damage.

We can obtain a multitude of advantages in our Deathloop games, and one of the most valuable and that you will want to have from the beginning is the one that allows us to reduce the damage per fall, but getting it will require you to witness an event and then go to a specific area.

And there is an advantage in Deathloop that will allow us to significantly reduce the damage per fall, something that will be great for the more advanced levels since we will have to move through the scenarios much faster.

So here’s how to unlock the Fall Damage Reduction perk in Deathloop, so you can go from one roof to another without fear of falling.

How to reduce fall damage in Deathloop

To unlock this Fall Damage Reduction Perk (Cat Fall) you first have to trigger the following event.

So travel to Updaam first in the afternoon and look straight ahead at a large illuminated Candy sign. Head towards the sign but turn right between two buildings and go up a small ramp made of rocks.

Follow the path along the side of the mountain until you reach a rooftop where you have to climb. As soon as you have finished climbing, look to the left until you find a path along with a set of pipes that will lead you to another roof.

Once you cross it follow the mountainside until you see a huge canyon pointing towards a nearby cliff. You must get close enough until you see two characters near the rear of the cannon until a cutscene occurs where one of these characters is thrown from the cannon itself into the distance.

If you have gotten close enough, you should see a pop-up window that will let you know exactly where the enemy has landed, specifically, it appears at the top of the roof of hangar number 1.

After having witnessed the cannon launch event, you must travel to Karls Bay at night and from the tunnels, you must exit through the door on the right, reach the coast, and head towards the signaling scaffolding that lies a little along the way. far.

Go through the scaffolding, climb the rocks, until you reach a path that leads through a small bridge and into hangar number 1. So climb to the top of the hangar with the double jump and once at the top you will find this advantage that will be for you forever.

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