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How to unlock and get skins in Back 4 Blood



How to unlock and get skins in Back 4 Blood

The character skins in Back 4 Blood are a great way for players to show dedication to the game, that’s why we tell you how they are unlocked and obtained.

In this Back 4 Blood guide, we are going to tell you how to unlock and get the skins in the game. But be very careful, since these aspects have a cost, be it figurative or literal.

The most veteran in the FPS genre, you will see Back 4 Blood as something familiar, either in its characters, such as its multiplayer or gameplay. And that’s because it was created by Turtle Rock Studio ( Evolve ) as a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead.

The studio is committed to amending what it has learned with L4D and wants to accommodate gamers. Not only in aspects such as its card system that improves replayability, but the title also has a series of rewards.

Like many other modern multiplayer, Back 4 Blood has skins for the characters along with other cosmetics. These allow players to dress them in different ways without spoiling the gaming experience, it is only decorative.

However, these skins have a cost that is different. On the one hand, with money, although right now they are only available with the Ultimate Edition. This could vary in the future as there may be season passes.

But don’t worry, there is a free way to unlock skins: with game time. But to do so, supply chains can also be used, accessible once they arrive at Fuerte Esperanza.

This system works like a Battle Pass, it is a list of rewards to be obtained by completing levels. Although they differ a bit, they are free and do not expire, in turn, there are many available at the same time and can be chosen at will.

Some are hidden until you complete, so play slowly. You will also get more for completing levels and achievements, but there are several factors; Keep in mind that the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward and these are unique to multiplayer.

The solo campaign progression issues will be fixed with a patch, but while you can play on Xbox Game Pass.

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