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Back 4 Blood: All enemies, bosses and how to defeat them



Back 4 Blood: All enemies, bosses and how to defeat them

In addition to an expansion of characters, we also have news in the enemies section with respect to any other Left 4 Dead, although roughly it is possible that many faces sound familiar to you. The enemies of Back 4 Blood are not designed to be a great challenge, but elements that make the team have to play or behave in a certain way in order to solve an obstacle. Each special enemy makes the players have to generate specific strategies to be able to stand up and thus move on to the next arena.

The bad thing about these special enemies is that they are combined with the base infected, so sometimes it can be a real headache to finish them off comfortably. That is, a classic Boomer can be surrounded by infected and make it more difficult to give, so it will gain ground and can approach us without too many complications. And that means that this can cause health problems and even make a situation that should be, in principle, simple, become torture.

Next we will leave you the list of enemies that you have to take into account and how to defeat them . None of them is complicated, we already anticipated it, but some tips are always useful to be able to end them as if nothing else. Keep in mind that enemies can also take different forms depending on the “evolution” they have, so that we will not always see them the same or with the same attack characteristics. Although to defeat them we must always do the same: sew them with gunshots .

Common enemies

Infected / Zombies

The infected standard against which we will have to face non-stop. The world is in an apocalypse and our task is to exterminate all the infected we come across. A simple task considering that we are armed to the teeth and that these common enemies do not pose any kind of problem. Of course, be careful if they accumulate because en masse they can be a problem if we do not know how to control the herd.

Special enemies

The Stinks (the classic Boomers)

One of the easiest to bring down. Stinks are very large, slow and with melee attacks that require direct contact . Unless they use their vomiting attack, in which case it will be better to keep their distance. To charge a “Boomer” (the name it was given in Left 4 Dead ) all you have to do is aim at the enemy’s chest until it explodes into a thousand pieces. It is advisable not to be near it, because it can push us into the void with its explosion or leave us very sticky.

The Stinging

Do you remember the mythical Spitter from Left 4 Dead ? Well, let’s say that the Stalker is that, combined with the Hunter , the Smoker and even the Jockey . Let’s say Turtle Rock has merged to create an enemy that is best to be careful against, especially depending on how we find it. It can pounce on us, it can spit acid at us, or it can even trap us into easy prey. It is a small enemy, so it will be necessary to have great precision to take it down . And it sticks to the walls!

Big Guy or Bully

The Charger from Left 4 Dead 2 . An enemy with a giant arm that charges against us and hits us with championship bumpers. The simple thing is to get away and give him a lot of bullets in that giant arm, but sometimes it is difficult, especially when he takes a gun and goes after us as if there were no tomorrow. Better to defeat him in a group because they have a lot of health .

The Tell-tale

It’s certainly an extremely straightforward enemy because it doesn’t do anything other than alert other enemies. We finish him off quickly, maybe even with an accurate shot to the head, and we forget. Of course, rest assured that it is likely that some will escape you and you will eat a good assault from the enemies. That they will rain on you like there is no tomorrow.

The “Sleepers”

It is the best name that we could give this enemy, because it is stuck to the walls in its nest, quietly, and we will throw it if we pass in front of it . It is not a great enemy, but it does stun allies and can cause a scare or two. A good jumpscare in horror video games never hurts.


The destroyer

The Tank from Back 4 Blood. Generally speaking, it does exactly the same as Left 4 Dead’s fiercest enemy and what we have to do is simple: target its weak points and exploit those areas of massive infection so that it explodes into a thousand pieces. Be careful because a blow from him can cause real havoc and is the most lethal that we can find.


One of the first enemies we met in Back 4 Blood. The Ogre is extremely slow but has a lot of strength. To defeat him it is better to take cover because he can throw types of objects at us. Save plenty of ammo to shoot him down because it won’t be quick to kill him. It may be simple depending on how we approach the confrontation and if we can play the scenario in our favor, but of course we will need a lot of bullets.

The old woman

Our favorite, because this curious being is a real danger. Do you remember the monsters from Gears of War 4? Well, more or less it is the same because it eats the players and it takes away a good amount of health. She is fast and the only solution is to center all the fire on her, hoping to end her life before she does with ours.

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