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Where are all the cars in Far Cry 6



Where are all the cars in Far Cry 6

We tell you exactly where all the special cars are in Far Cry 6, vehicles that not only serve as a means of transport but also as powerful weapons.

Due to the magnitude of the Far Cry 6 map, it is essential to have some means of transport that we can use to reach the different areas with great ease, and in addition to horses, we can also find a series of vehicles.

Vehicles are not only ideal for moving from one area to another quite easily, but they will also allow us to attack certain enemies that cross our path, which can also give us greater security in the long term.

It is not that we have a large number of vehicles to access but we have prepared this guide in which we tell you where all the cars are in far Cry 6 so that you can go directly to them.

Where are all the cars in Far Cry 6

In total, we have four special vehicles that you can access throughout the Yara map, and they are the following:

Beamont Valentina 1956

It is the first vehicle that you will be able to access in the game, and it is part of the mission called “Feed the Revolution”. All this happens on Santuario Island, in Quito, and as soon as you complete the mission to kill Rosario, you will be rewarded with this car along with some accessories.

KAG TG 2008

This is a reward if you complete the story mission called “Yaran’s Backseat Driver.”

You can start it in the area of ​​Madrugada, on the Costa del Mar but it is recommended that you have rank 15. What we love about this vehicle is that it comes equipped with a pistol mounted on the top, with which you can start more easily to eliminate enemies.

Verrazzano Bravo 1962

Another of the rewards you will get by completing the Grand Prix in the race in Valle de Oro that is part of the mission “taxi ride without a license.” It takes place in the Cruz del Salvador section of the map, and after you win the race, you will receive a call from Yami informing you that you already have the vehicle available and that it stands out for its speed.

Tokai Sabuku 1985

The last vehicle can be found in the FND storage building in La Joya, in the northern part of Catalina. To reach it you must first get on the construction vehicle and jump towards the opening on the side of the building, and as soon as you check the boxes you will locate the truck at the foot of the stairs.

So with this you already have the location of all the special vehicles in Far Cry 6 , so you can get hold of them.

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