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All Far Cry 6 Transports (Swift Trophy)



All Far Cry 6 Transports (Swift Trophy)

We’ll tell you where to find the Far Cry 6 means of transport you need to complete the Speedy trophy/achievement, and also get some really cool cars.

In this Far Cry 6 guide, we will see where and how to get the four types of transport. Although there are many vehicles in the game, these four cars can be called from the vehicle wheel.

If you want to “platinum” the game, get 100%, find these four vehicles are necessary to complete the PSN trophy / Xbox Speedy achievement (Car Cry).

All Far Cry 6 Transports (Swift Trophy)

  • Juan’s 1956 Beamont Valentina: If you follow the main story without loss, you will get it in the Gasoline for the Revolution mission.
  • Tokai Sabuku from 1985: Found in an FND warehouse on Catalina Ridge. Climb up the bulldozer to enter the warehouse and fight your way through the crates to find him.
  • Yami’s KAG TG 2008: You must complete the story of Yarana “Copiloto”, in the Madrugada region.
  • Verrazzano Bravo 1962 : You will get it by completing any Grand Prix race.

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