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In Spain, physical copies of New Horizons will not be released on March 20



In Spain, physical copies of New Horizons will not be released on March 20

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is releasing on March 20. But it seems Some people will not be able to receive a physical copy of New Horizons on time due to Coronavirus. As we have reported that an employee at Nintendo of America tested positive for Coronavirus so the company advised the employees to work from home.

As you know, the situation due to the coronavirus is becoming more intense in Spain, and for this reason, given the uncertainty of the availability of reserves of major titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons at its launch, various networks have brought to light statements claiming that they are going to close their establishments in certain provinces or that will do their best to launch the game on its date, although recommending to select home delivery.

About your GAME reservations and the current situation:

– In short, if you have a reservation at GAME you will receive an informative email. – Please read the image of the tweet. – How can I change my reservation from “store pickup” to “home delivery”?

As you know, the state of emergency has just been declared in Spain for at least fifteen days, and therefore, the uncertainty about whether the physical format version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released on time?

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In these circumstances, Spanish people are talking about the situation on Twitter. check out

If you want Animal Crossing for the day of departure, cancel your reservation and get it digitally, which does not cost anything, you are not going to die for not having it physically.

For this reason, without having launched the title, it already occupies the second place in the top sales of the virtual store of the console, and it is expected that it will reach the first place of the podium in the next few days due to the situation that is plaguing, not only to Spain but to the whole world.

Keep in mind, the same thing is going to happen in Italy. So if you’re from Italy, then be ready for the announcement.

What do you think about it? And what is the current situation in your country? Tell us in the comment.

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