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Is Daisy Duck Coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley?



Is Daisy Duck Coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

A new teaser from Disney Dreamlight Valley suggests that Daisy Duck is joining the game! The beloved Disney character, known for her sassy attitude and stylish flair, is expected to bring her unique charm to the game. Players can anticipate interacting with Daisy, completing quests, and building relationships with her. The update will likely include new content, features, and characters, expanding the game’s magical experience. Stay tuned for Daisy Duck’s arrival in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

The official account of the title on X has confirmed that a “familiar face” will join the Valley soon. Additionally, Gameloft promises to reveal more details about Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time – Act II and its next free content update by the end of this week. In this new act, players will travel to Eternity Isle, meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and unravel Jafar’s plans. New appearances for animal companions and exclusive furniture to create will also be added.

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