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Disney Dreamlight Valley addresses the 3D Glasses quest item Bug



Disney Dreamlight Valley addresses the 3D Glasses quest item Bug and recommends players to only purchase it when prompted as a step in Oswald’s quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next major update is live right now which includes both Free Content Update: Thrills & Frills and the new act for the expansion, ACT II: The Spark of Imagination. Players who have purchased the A Rift in Time expansion can progress in its story starting with The Sunken Ruins quest for Merlin to discover Ancient Ruins.

However, players started finding a bug in the first friendship quest for Oswald named Oswald’s Many Dimensions. The quest is related to settling Oswald somewhere in Eternity Isle and as players go along the objectives of the quest, they will be asked to purchase 3D Glasses from Scrooge McDuck.

Now, as all the new items in Scrooge McDuck’s shop are added with the update, the people who have purchased the 3D Glasses prior to the quest have started to encounter a bug where they cannot progress ahead. The quest does not progress even if you equip the 3D Glasses as it requires you to purchase it first during the quest.

However, the players who haven’t bought the glasses prior to the quest can easily surpass this point by purchasing the 3D Glasses. This bug was addressed swiftly by Disney Dreamlight Valley and they made a tweet on X recommending that “We recommend that players DO NOT purchase the 3D Glasses from Scrooge McDuck’s Store until they are prompted to do so as a step in the “Oswald’s Many Dimensions” quest”.

Furthermore, they did address that they are currently working on resolving this bug as their top priority. So, if you are stuck on that quest, better wait for the fix patch to be released to progress further in Oswald’s friendship quests. Until then you can befriend Daisy Duck and complete her friendship quests.

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