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Jagged Alliance 3: How to Complete Pirate Gold Quest



Jagged Alliance 3 - Pirate Gold Quest

President LaFontaine has gone missing and the players will be tasked with finding and saving the President. However, it is a long path before players can cover it while going through various areas of Grand Chien, players will meet up with several NPCs that will require help. Players can choose to help them by completing their quests and earning useful rewards. One of the quests that players will get to complete is Pirate Gold Quest given by Father Tooker who can be found at Church in Fleatown.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Pirate Gold Quest in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Complete Pirate Gold Quest in Jagged Alliance 3

Father Tooker is worried about a ghost haunting the church which is also scaring the people of town. He will assign the players a task to get rid of the Restless Spirit. To get the quest, players will have to go to Fleatown in Sector H8 and talk to Father Tooker. After taking the quest, players need to go to Jungle River Bank located in Sector I10. The area will have several Legion enemies that players need to take care of before they can ambush and take down the Restless Spirit.

After taking down the enemies, interact with the spot with a magnifying glass icon to examine the map. Now, press the O Button on the keyboard to go into Overview mode and place 3 Mercs on highlighted spots. Once the Mercs are placed, the Restless Spirit will spawn and players will have to defeat it. After defeating the Restless Spirit, go back to Fleatown and talk to Father Tooker. Here, players will have the following choices to make.

  • Tell about the Map: Choosing this option will tell Father about the map players examined and it will earn 20 loyalty points with Fleatown.
  • Don’t Mention the Map: Choosing this option will earn players 5 Loyalty points with Fleatown.

Players can also interact with the Wolf Statue which will trigger the following choices for players.

  • Collect Statue as Evidence: If players have a Merc with Scoundrel perk in the squad, they will get the Wolf statue without any penalty.
  • Give Statue to Father Tooker: Choosing this choice will give the statue to Father Tooker and players will earn Loyalty points.
  • Take the Statue: Choosing this option will simply take the statue but it will have a penalty of negative Loyalty Points.

Once players have selected any one of the choices, it will complete the Pirate Gold Quest and if players have obtained the Statue, they will be able to cash it in for money.

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