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Jagged Alliance 3: How to Get AA12 Shotgun



Jagged Alliance 3 - AA12 Shotgun

Gearing up the Mercs with the best weapons in Jagged Alliance 3 is crucial for fights with the Legion enemies as well as with the other enemies and horrific things out there. Acquiring weapons with high damage and high Armor Penetration gives an edge to the players to win the fights more often. One of the best shotguns in the game to get is AA12 as it comes with the highest Armor Penetration in short-range weapons. The burst ability of this weapon allows players to take down an armored enemy in 1 turn.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get AA12 Shotgun in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Get AA12 Shotgun in Jagged Alliance 3

AA12 Shotgun can be obtained by taking down one of the main bosses named Jackhammer. He is a leader of enemy soldiers posted at the Prison in the Good Place location. Players can find the Good Place outpost in Sector L6 and players will have to eliminate the enemies before they get to Jackhammer. The prison is well guarded and players can reach the main building where Jackhammer is posted by two ways. Either players can go gun blazing if they have good gear or they can go in silently and take down any enemy stealthily they come across.

Jackhammer will not go down without a fight so players will have to fight him. Once Jackhammer has been defeated, players will be able to loot the AA12 Shotgun from his body. However, there are also choices that players can pick to get AA12 Shotgun from Jackhammer without killing him.

  • Time to die: Selecting this choice will kill Jackhammer which will reward players with 10 Loyalty with Port Cacao. Players can loot Kevlar Leggings and AA12 Shotgun from Jackhammer’s body.
  • You will go to prison: Selecting this choice will send Jackhammer to prison which will reward players with 5 Loyalty with Port Cacao, increased Morale of Mercs, and AA12 Shotgun.

You can also read our full guide on Jackhammer’s all choices and learn what other scenarios can place by making each choice.

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