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Link’s Genitals in Tears of the Kingdom Spark Debate



Link's Genitals in Tears of the Kingdom Spark Debate

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a game that has been praised for its high level of detail. However, one detail, in particular, has caught the attention of fans: Link’s genitals.

In a video from the game, Link is rolled over by a Hinox, a giant enemy. As a result, Link falls to the ground and what appears to be his testicles are visible.

This has led many fans to believe that Nintendo has modeled Link’s genitals. Some believe that this is intentional, while others believe that it is simply a visual effect.

Nintendo has not yet commented on the matter. However, the video has sparked a great deal of discussion on social media. Some fans are delighted with the detail, while others find it unnecessary.

Only time will tell if Nintendo has actually modeled Link’s genitals. However, the video has made it clear that the game is much more detailed than previously thought.

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