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Little Kitty, Big City has sold 100,000 Copies in two days



Little Kitty, Big City has sold 100,000 Copies in two days

Double Dagger Studio created by Matt T. Wood recently released its debut game called Little Kitty, Big City on May 9, 2024, on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox consoles, and Xbox Game Pass. The game gained popularity through overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam making more players want to try out the game.

Even though the game is available on Xbox Game Pass for free, players still bought it on different platforms to play it which boosted its sale to 100,000 copies in under 48 hours. It is quite impressive for the debut title of a gaming studio and the studio posted a gratitude post on Twitter thanking everybody who played and enjoyed their game.

Little Kitty, Big City gives players the role of a cat who has just fallen down from his home and need to get back to his home located on top of a building in a big city. The game does a fantastic job of putting various side activities in the city along with other stray animals that teach the cat new tricks and even help him how to reach his home.

Whether you play the game mainly through the main objectives or explore other available To-Do objectives, you will be immersed in the experience of a cat trying hard to get back to its home.

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