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Little Kitty, Big City: Full Game Walkthrough



Little Kitty, Big City: Full Game Walkthrough

Little Kitty, Big City is an indie adventure game that focuses on a lost cat in a big city. The premise of the game is to take the role of a cat and get back to its home along with meeting various stray animals in the city and spreading some chaos.

This guide will be focused on the main tasks that you need to undertake to complete Little Kitty, Big City.

Little Kitty, Big City – Full Game Walkthrough

Once you get control of the cat, move the Left Stick left and right swiftly to get out of the bin. Make your way to the street on the right and enter the house on the right at the end of the street. Jump on the worktop and go out of the window. Stay on the wall and keep going ahead until you reach the end of the street. Look towards the crates on the other side of the street and jump on them. Continue ahead and you will meet the crow.

Find that Crow

Upon speaking with the crow, drop down on the road and jump on the cycle. Now, look towards the van and jump on it. Go ahead and enter a small construction site. There will be a hole along the fence through which you can crawl through. Continue ahead on the road and you will see the crow sitting on the cycle on the footpath. As you go near the crow, a dog will bark at you and the conversation between the crow and the cat continues.

Bring Crow 25 Shinies

As the cat doesn’t fly like the crow, the crow will suggest the cat try climbing to reach the home located on top of the building. However, the cat is hungry and doesn’t have much stamina to climb for longer. The crow will agree to give the cat a fish if you manage to bring him 25 Shinies.

NOTE: Shiny is a currency in the game that you can collect throughout the city. It is mainly found inside trash bins, under the cones, and on top of the structures and vehicles. Additionally, you can also get it by recycling the cans.

Continue ahead on the road and move the cones on the side of the road to get some shinies. There will be a few of them on the road so pick them up as well. As you go a bit up ahead, there will be a parking area on the left side with a recycler. Pick up the cans nearby and recycle every can to get a shiny in exchange for each can.

Once done, follow the road ahead to see a bin in the corner. Go near it to jump inside it and then move the left stick to find three shinies. Now, follow the road to the left side and you will see some more cones and another recycler. Get the shinies from moving the cones and then strike the vending machine to get the cans.

Recycle all the cans to get shinies and then follow the road to find some more shinies. It will be enough to get 25 shinies. Once you have gathered the required number of shinies, go back to the crow and he will give you a fish. Eat the fish to get a bar of stamina which will help you in climbing the ivy.

Get Three More Fish to Gain Enough Energy to Make the Climb

Climb the ivy ahead from the crow’s location to get access to an alleyway. Here, you will see a long trail of ivy going up the building that you need to climb but first, you need to get and eat three more fish to have four Energy Bars for climbing.

Get the Map

Getting the map will make it easier for you to spot the locations of the fish. Simply go ahead in the alleyway and you will meet a duck. The duck will be worried about her ducklings and will give you a map to find all the ducklings.

NOTE: It is a side quest that you can choose to complete in your main walkthrough but for the purpose of this guide, let’s stick to the main path.

Upon getting the map, open it to see three marked fish on the map. One fish will be up on the roof of the building, one of them will be on the northwest side of the city near the river, and one of them will be inside the store.

Get the Fish from the Store

The nearest fish can be found at the store located on the main road. From where you spoke with the duck, go down the street to reach the road. Go to the left side and the store will come up on your left. Enter the store and go to the last section to see a fish placed on the ice.

However, there will be a fan turned on in the direction of the fish which will push you away. Go to the fan and move it a bit back. Now, go around the fan and onto the ice to eat the fish.

Steal the Fisherman’s Fish

Go to the northwest side of the city until you reach the river. Here, you will find a fisherman trying to catch a fish from the river. Go over to the left side of the cycle of the fisherman and wait for him to catch the fish. Once he has caught a fish, he will put down the fishing rod beside the cycle and the fish will drop to the ground.

Quickly eat the fish or pick it up and go away from the area to eat it.

Steal the Gardener’s Lunch

The gardener is located on the roof not far from the fisherman’s location. If you go back to the road from his location, you will see a few crates on the road. Jump on them and then climb the ivy to the roof of the building. Now, climb further up to get across to the gardener’s building.

The gardener will be watering the plants while standing next to the window through which you will be able to see the fish. However, you can’t get to the fish as the gardener will push you away by spraying water at you. You need to distract the gardener by turning off the water.

Follow the pipe and climb the ivy to get past the locked door to turn off the tap. Wait for the gardener to open the door and then make a run for the fish. Either catch the fish or eat it right there to gain the fourth energy bar.

Get Back Home

With all the fish eaten, you are ready to make the climb to reach home. Go back to the alleyway beneath the building you need to climb. Start climbing the ivy and as soon as you reach the AC Outdoor Unit, drop on it and then climb the next unit on the left side to make your way over to the main building.

Go straight ahead along the ledge until you reach the corner and start climbing the ivy. Climb up to the edge and then crawl under the fence to reach a small room where you will see the crow again. Jump on the worktop and go out of the window. Continue ahead and jump on the units to make your way around the room.

Jump on the boxes on the side to reach the ivy and then climb along the ivy to reach the upper floor. Continue ahead on the floor and jump on the boxes to make your way ahead until you see a small outdoor area below. Jump into the outdoor area and climb the ivy on the right side to climb further up. Go to the right side and keep on climbing the ivy until you reach a ledge.

From there, go to the left side along the ledges and the pipes to go to the other side of the building. Here, you will have to make a jump on the next ledge. However, if you fail the jump, you can still get back up on the other side by climbing on the boxes below. Continue jumping on from unit to unit to go ahead and then climb the ivy beside the pipe going up.

Go to the left side and as soon as you turn right, you will see the red sheet from where the game began. As you step on the sheet, the final cutscene of the game will play and the credits will roll alongside the “Thanks for Playing!” message.

Congratulations! You have finished Little Kitty, Big City’s main story.

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